“The Air I Breathe” ( #3 – Liliana Batchelor Series) Now on iBookstore/iTunes!

One of my website’s visitors, Michelle, posted earlier that book #3 in the Liliana Batchelor series was on iBookstore/iTunes and I confirmed through my book distributor Lulu that is the case!

Book #3 is available now through Amazon, iBookstore/iTunes and Lulu.com and will be available on Barnes & Noble shortly. If you read it, please be sure to stop by again and tell me how you liked it! =)



UPDATE: The Air I Breathe is actually book #3 in the series; I’m currently working on book #4

New Erotica Series Soon to be Released!

I’m waiting for a friend to finish the cover for the first book in a new Cyberpunk erotica series and hope it will be ready for release within the next week. I’m currently finishing/editing book 4 in the Liliana Batchelor series, which I anticipate will be released before the end of June.

Check back soon for a sneak peak at the new cycle and an update on the release of the next volume in Lily & Stuart’s saga. Thank you for visiting and please remember: if you have a moment review my books! Even if it isn’t a 5-star review I value the feedback

An Apology and Update to “An Accidental Affair”

So because I thought it was a good idea and two readers mentioned concerns about formatting and errors, I took a look at my first book, “An Accidental Affair” and I have to apologise. I’m sorry the formatting and the handful of typos that a re-read of the book uncovered. There were multiple passages (perhaps as many as a dozen) that should have been italicised to show that they were Liliana’s interior thoughts and they weren’t formatted that way in the final document; this makes the book a bit difficult to read. I also found a sentence later in the book where several words were omitted, (and several other errors).

I’m sorry about that. I re-read the books multiple times and “An Accidental Affair” was my first published ebook. I was nervous and during the process to get the manuscript ready for conversion to epub and other formats (which required formatting and other changes), mistakes were made by me. I got caught up in various little administrivia items during the process and I missed these.

The good news is I have fixed them now. I re-read the book, fixed the bad italics, at least two homonym mistakes, (turned off spell checker as a result!), and remedied other typos, etc.

I requested through Amazon a review of the book; if they deem the changes ‘major’ they will email readers and if they decide the changes are ‘minor’, they will make available an update through the Kindle reader application/device so you can get the new book updated free of charge (in either case).

I am still trying to understand how iBooks and B&N treat revisions and how they push them to their customers, and if I find out anything useful on that front I will let you know.

I realise you have a lot of options in front of you when you decide to purchase a new book and I am humbled that so many readers selected my book, despite the fact that I was a brand new author at the time. I hope the fact that I took the time to re-read and remedy my mistakes shows you I am dedicated to making your reading experience a good one and if you have any other concerns please email me at the address at right or post in comments.

Thank you and happy reading!


Bonus! Chapter 2 of Book 3 – “The Air I Breathe”

Since I said I thought I would be done this week but book three is still in work (although I finally took cover shots to-day), I’ve decided to post chapter 2 of book three, which is entitled, “The Air I Breathe”.

PLEASE – if you enjoy my books but haven’t done so, consider going to Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble and rating my titles.

I retain the rights to the following content; please do not use or duplicate without express permission. THANK YOU!


Chapter 2

Lily hoists her overnight bag onto her shoulder and picks up her rucksack. Tom kisses her while Mona waits nearby for her turn.

When Tom walks back into the house, Mona pulls Lily close and whispers in her ear.

Book 3, Chapter 1 – AS PROMISED!

Thank you to Sally, who was the first reader to have their review published, and thank you SO much for the great star rating and kind words! I still don’t know what happened to the comments that several others of you have mentioned you left, but I am grateful for the effort nonetheless.

So, as promised, here is Chapter 1 of the 3rd book in the Liliana Batchelor series. There may be a few minor edits or corrections, but at least it is something to get you started. I hope you enjoy it, and THANK YOU. The support, comments and interest in my stories has been both humbling and gratifying.

The rights to this excerpt are reserved by me; please do not replicate or use without express permission. Thanks you and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Lily hits the garage remote and watches numbly as the door slides down behind her. It hits the concrete pad with a resounding clack that makes it seem as if the entrance to a tomb has just shut.

With leaden limbs she exits the car and all her movements seem exaggerated and heavy. She pops the trunk on her four year old black Acura and stumbles to retrieve her suitcase.

She knows she forgot things at Stuart

General Update

Thanks for stopping by and checking in, readers!

I’ve been busy editing book three and made a few changes near the end, so I will need to go back and do a re-read and make sure it all flows well. Stuart and Liliana have an intense scene near the end of the book, and I wanted to make sure it was just so. As a result, I probably won’t be assembling cover art and generating the epub until next week at the earliest. Will keep you posted.

I now have a profile on Goodreads! You can access my information on that site here.

Lily and Stuart seem to have developed a little bit of a following Down Under! Thank you to all my wonderful readers from Australia, several of whom have posted on this site. I’m interested to hear how you found out about my book, so if you’re so inclined please feel free to post a comment about that.

Several of you have mentioned rating my books at iBookstore, but unfortunately they don’t seem to be posted; I’m looking in to that.

Finally, if you have the time and inclination, I would really appreciate your reviews at Goodreads, Amazon or B&N. It makes a difference to me – it makes my writing more visible and gives me valuable feedback about what my readers think – and it makes a difference to other erotica fans who might be considering picking up the series. I know I look for books that have reviews – good and bad – because I can better gauge if it is something that fits my personality.

I’m also on Facebook – just look for Holly Blackstone (author). I offer periodic updates there if that forum is more convenient to you!