UPDATE: “Blood and Frost” – LIVE at Amazon!


UPDATE: 27 November 2015

“Blood and Frost” is now Live on Amazon!

Sorry about the additional delay; I submitted it, took a while, got bounced back, thought I fixed it, had Thanksgiving at a friend’s, got home and there was still a problem. Fixed it, and finally *phew* it is online today!

25 November 2015

After delays, “Blood and Frost” is in Amazon’s hands!
When I realised I was going to miss my Nov 11the date, i decided to just keep pushing instead of posting another deadline I might not meet. Perhaps I was just fussing too much, but it is my first Dark Erotica book, and my first standalone and is rather complicated, as I switch between past and present. I wanted the book to flow and was really nervous and stressed about how it felt, whether I had enough in there, or too much.

Finally I took the plunge and it is out for review! When it goes live I will post.

Thanks for your patience! =) Please let me know how you like it!