Things in Work!

I’m over 40,000 words into “Step into the Light”, and am looking at new cover possibilities for books 2 & 3 in the series, which I’ve never been happy with. I also recorded my first vblog and am going to show it to some friends and get feedback on it before posting it to YouTube; when I do, I’ll be sure to post a link here. =) I also now have a Pinterest page, although there isn’t a GREAT deal on it now, and it’s not entirely annotated. Bear with me as I juggle social media and writing. 😎

Nothing much exciting going on other than day to day items, yoga, too much heat (no air conditioning. Aieee! =P), and writing. I love writing, good God, I really do; I’m lucky to have a little time off between contracts and also be in a position where I can take care of personal business and also work on my books for a little while. Had a few difficult scenes to write, which always takes a lot of emotional energy, but now I’m into some more ‘exciting’ and interesting bits, and the pace has picked up a bit. 😉

Hope things are going well for everyone, and thank you for stopping by my site. If you’ve read my books and came by out of curiosity, please, PLEASE consider rating my books, if you haven’t already, and post here! Say hi! I don’t bite! 😉 If you’ve returned, I hope you’re as excited about my progress on book five as I am.

Fond regards,

Holly =)