Banish the Darkness on iTunes! (and more)

Banish the Darkness is now available at iTunes/iBookstore here. Sorry it has taken so long, iPad readers. Lulu said that it was accidentally miscategorised or some such hand waving. Regardless, it’s up there now, and hopefully there won’t be any more of these delays with future books!

I was informed that people are having difficulty with the new register/comment scheme I implemented to stop the spam (sounds like a horror movie – and it is!). I’ll look into that in the next few days and if I can’t figure out the problem, I will just reset it back to the way it was and look at other alternatives!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant week. =)


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So I recently accepted a full time contract position with a small(ish) local (computer) game company as a testing co-ordinator. Up to this point, my commitments had been part time, which has allowed for a lot more time writing. This full time commitment (starts Dec 2), will mean I have less opportunity during the day to write but I still will be writing!

I am hurriedly trying to get rough drafts (if nothing else), down of “Step in to the Light”, the Void Chronicles and a vampire book (most likely standalone and not a series), down because it is far easier to pick up editing than it is to write. Currently I can arrange for a fairly large chunk of time to be free so I can write (which is the nicest situation), but with full-time work that is going to be a little more difficult – editing a book that is already (mostly) written is something that can be done in smaller time chunks without any negative effects.

I am a little concerned because since I changed my website to use a new spam-blocking tool I haven’t seen comments so please take a moment to check in and help me verify that real people can get through. =) If you can’t, email me at: holly (at) and I will see what I can do to fix the problem!

Hope everyone is excited for the holidays – I am! – and that life has been kind to you lately.

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P.S. I received a nice review from someone on Goodreads – three star review because it was a little difficult to initially get into the format (3rd person), but she got hooked she said and loved it and read all the rest of the books! She was kind enough to post props on an Alpha male book thread on Goodreads, which I appreciate. Thank you to all my readers who have done things like that – spoken to friends, reviewed my books on Amazon or elsewhere. It means a great deal. Thank you!


The Void Chronicles

I just completed the first draft of book one in the Void Chronicles; currently it is 79,121 words and will probably grow slightly during editing.

It’s a fantasy story with erotic and adult themes and follows the journey of Julianna Foss as she becomes immersed in the world of the hero, Tristan Roarke. That’s all I’ll say for now about that. =)

I try to write more than just erotica, as I hope my readers know by now. I want to tell a story but as an adult I enjoy erotic story lines and a sensual environment. Just like The Liliana Batchelor series shows Lily evolving as a person and the Sine Qua Non cycle deals with a murder mystery and how Abby deals with sudden fame, The Void Chronicles has our heroine Julianna faced with a choice and shows how she rises to meet the challenge in a difficult environment.

I’ll now be working on book five in the Liliana Batchelor series whilst I edit book one of the Void Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll check in again!

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Goodreads Lists

First off, had a nice night last night at Mercury/Machinewerks… my car was intact when I went to the parking lot to retrieve it – not even a scratch – yay!

Second, I’m pretty excited that The Liliana Batchelor Series has made some lists on Goodreads!

You can see all the lists that “An Accidental Affair” is part of here. It may not seem like a lot, but until late March of this year I had never published a book. All four books in the series have an average rating of over 4.0 on Goodreads as well, which is gratifying!

Hope to be able to post more information about my latest novel, book one in “The Void Chronicles”, within the next few days.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter – @HollyBlackstone .

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Book Status!

Currently I have a lot in the hopper, and I wanted to fill in my loyal readers on what is going on. =)

I am nearly done with book one in the Void Chronicles, a fantasy series with erotic elements. Once that is completed I will start on book five in the Liliana Batchelor series, “Step in to the Light”. Book one of that series, “An Accidental Affair” is nearly done with a once-over edit, and I plan on ordering several hardback copies. One of them will be part of a giveaway here and on Goodreads, and I will make the others available for purchase and I will gladly autograph it for you. I will post details as soon as I have something concrete.

I have also begun book two in the Sine Qua Non cycle, my cyberpunk-erotica offering with trillionaire visionary Dyson Pearce and programming jock Abigail Pritchard. If you’re interested at all in future books, cyberpunk or technology themed novels you might want to grab the preview; there’s also a mystery involved, which makes it an interesting read.

I will probably go dancing again to-night at Mercury/Machinewerks in Seattle, despite the fact that last time I was there someone broke into my car and stole my purse. I’m determined not to let some thieving bastard discourage me from doing something I want to do.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a gentle reminder… if you like my books, PLEASE post on Goodreads/Amazon/iBooks/B&N… suggest it to a blogger to review… word of mouth means a lot! THANK YOU!

I will post a tease/description of the Void Chronicles book soon. Title TBD!

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Bad Weekends

So I went dancing Saturday night, had a great time… until I went to the parking lot around the corner and found out my truck had been broken into and my purse, which I thought I secreted away properly, was gone. I called the police and then my credit card companies and then waited for nearly two hours for the police to NOT show up (they said they were busy); I was freezing and went home. (They said I can file a report to-morrow). The thief used one of my cards a few times, and tried to even use it AFTER it had been cancelled.

When I spoke with the dispatcher (she called back almost two hours after my initial call), I was left with the impression that this wouldn’t be high priority for them. I took the licences of all the cars in the lot, spoke with several owners of the cars when they returned to them, taped the window when I got home… Monday I am looking at calls to the insurance company, the police, scheduling my window getting replaced… what a damn mess. The purse was a gift from someone – I don’t have another, but luckily my licence was in my pocket. I have a new job interview on Wednesday… ugh. I was so wound up and upset I didn’t get to bed until about 5 AM.