Updated Website!

Welcome back to my (now updated), website if you’ve been here before, and if you’re a new visitor, well hello there. =)

So after some site issues, corruption and possibly a hacking attempt, my boyfriend – who helps me maintain this site – and I decided to move the blog to another location and rebuild it. Since the site wasn’t functioning for a while because of the aforementioned issues, it was hard to give anyone a heads up it was happening. =|

It’s not perfect, and the comments haven’t been moved yet, but it’s getting there! Over the next few weeks I’m going to spruce it up, move the comments to this new database and it will be better than before – at least that’s my intention!

I have been writing and dealing with the website, so not too much to report currently. Within the next few weeks I’ll reveal the name and some teaser information about my new book and then the cover. I look forward to reconnecting with my wonderful readers soon!

A gentle reminder… please be sure to leave reviews for my books on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or iBookstore!

Best always,