Upcoming Cover Reveal!

On Monday I will reveal the cover for my upcoming novel, “Blood and Frost”! Check back here, on Facebook or Twitter noon PDT to see the cover!

I’m finishing “Blood and Frost” and jotting down some additional book ideas and dusting off ‘The Sine Qua Non Cycle’ and ‘Void Chronicles’, and will have more updates on the next installments of those series once I publish “Blood and Frost”.


New Book – Teaser!

I’m almost 100,000 words into my next book. I announced it on Twitter last night, and wanted to post here as well.

It’s called, “Blood & Frost”, and will be a standalone novel with erotic elements, that I think will be around 130,000 words. I hope to finish the first draft in the next three weeks, and I already have a cover, which I will unveil around the end of July. =) Around that time I’ll also hint at the theme and story, and when it is published, of course I’ll post the ETA for Amazon and B&N, etc here.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope everyone has had a terrific summer. =)

Warm wishes,