Next Steps, Podcast and More!

I started recording a podcast about two months ago, but then as I already mentioned I had sick kitties, one of them passed away after three weeks of trying to get him healed, and other stuff interfered, (chipped tooth, deadline for Mr. Man, etc), and I have one episode left to edit. I’ll be taking care of that soon, and if there are any topics you want me to cover, email me and let me know! You can listen to my podcast, “Blackstone Irregulars” on most major platforms, or find it here on my hosting site, Buzzsprout.

Since I finished my Magnum Opus, (it clocks in at 604 pages, including copyright, dedication, etc), where do I go from here? Well I had already started book two in the Sine Qua Non cycle, my cyberpunk series, and it has been a while since it received love, so I’ll more than likely finish that book. Then perhaps an epilogue for “The Void Wept” if people are interested, or moving on to one of the other ideas I have been mulling over – in fact, I have a OneNote notebook with over twenty ideas! My blogsite probably needs a freshening up too; I’d love to be able to expand it with links for my books, etc. There’s always something to do. =|

It’s been a rough year for nearly everyone I’ve chatted with, but I hope you’ve bucked the trend and it’s actually been a good one for you. Looking forward to your messages and thoughts on “The Void Wept” – would love to hear what you think is going to happen and then read your reactions when you start getting in to the nitty gritty of it!

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