Sneak Peek of Book 5 on Pinterest!

As a tease whilst I complete book five, I’ve created a Pinterest page where I will periodically post items related to “Step Into the Light”. There are already a few things up there, and other boards of mine have items related to Lily and Stuart, Scotland or other interests.

I will soon be re-issuing the books with new covers. The covers will have a uniform layout to make them easy to identify (the way “The Void Chronicles” books have a similar layout), and have better photos and a more professional design. I hope to have the last two covers done soon, and then will do some minor edits and re-release the books! You should be able to get the new covers by deleting the book from your device and then going and re-downloading it. I will post them here as well so you can decide whether you want to keep the old or new covers.

Below is the flyer that was distributed earlier this year at Norwescon for my two other series: “The Void Chronicles” and “Sine Qua Non Cycle”.

holly blackstone flyer 4


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