Last hours to get “Step In To the Light”; another title on sale

Later this evening the sale of “Step In To the Light” on Amazon will end, but I am putting up book one in “The Void Chronicles” up for sale for 99 cents!

I am back from visiting my boyfriend’s mom with him – she is still in the hospital, but was glad to see us, (I’ve known her for years), and the doctor hopes to move her to a rehab facility in a few days.

I am working on a standalone novel right now – still erotica, but with a bit of a paranormal twist; I’ll post a sneak peek shortly, and as I get closer to publication will provide additional details.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter and is enjoying spring!

Warm regards,

P.S. Please don’t’ forget to post a review of book five if you have a moment! Thank you! =)

**UPDATED** “Step In To the Light” to be on Amazon & Lulu – 7 April 2015


I have to rush out of town with my boyfriend – his mom was readmitted to hospital and he needs to visit her, and asked if I would accompany him. I was midway through the last proofread when he got the news, so the last review of the content is a bit rushed – apologies if you find more errors than usual.

I will submit the book to-morrow, (in about 10 hours really), to Lulu and Amazon, and it will be reduced on Amazon for the next several days, as promised. It should go live to-morrow evening, with B&N and iBookstore to follow about a week later, (again, that’s unfortunately the way the publishing channel operates!).

If you email me or comment I may not be able to check my messages regularly, and I apologise in advance for that. I’ll be online more regularly soon and will reply as soon as I am able.



UPDATE: ~ 3 PM EDT – “Step In To the Light” is LIVE on right now, and will be on up w/in 12 hours for a reduced price of $1.99 for a limited time!