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I’ve installed some new add-ons and configured them so the spam I was getting should be drastically reduced and as a result I have turned comments back on so you don’t need to log in to comments (merely fill out the fields). As always, email me holly (at) if you have problems!

The Void Chronicles – Book 1 Available on Amazon! Update on posting comments.

Greetings, loyal readers. =) Hope you’ve had a great holiday season so far!

I intended to get this book up earlier, but my new job has been busy! A little over a week after I started, my boss collapsed his lung (the third time in a year), and has had surgery and been out since. Needless to say its been a mad scramble to come up to speed and help where I can while he’s out.

As a result it has been slow going with book 5 in the Liliana Batchelor series as well as preparing this book for publication. I am still working on book 5, “Step in to the Light”, and hope to have some time during Christmas to make more progress. I”m sorry it’s not finished right now, as I hoped it would be!

I have finished editing “A World Away”, the first book in the Void Chronicles and I hope you will give it a look. It’s the story of Julianna, who awakens to find herself in a different world, where magic is real and the land is about to be plunged in an epic struggle against the Void and its minions, including necromancers and dragons.

With no way to get home, she is forced to make decisions that may affect the entire future of this new world. With her on this journey is a mythical sword VoidCleaver, which some believe to be a godsword, a fabled weapon that will return to them in time of great need. Complicating matters is Tristan Roarke, leader of the Templars and nephew to the current king.

This book includes explicit depictions of sex and warfare, and is not recommended for readers under 18. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

I am going to change comments back to their original formatting this evening; I haven’t been able to debug the problem with creating an account and being able to post, so I will just try to handle spam as best as I can. Please be patient! 😎

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Warm wishes,