Banish the Darkness (book #4) – Draft complete

Greeting, patient readers!

The first draft of book four is done, except for a few little things like acknowledgements, etc. (YAY!!!!)

Unfortunately, my computer is dead, however, and four days of work were nearly lost earlier this week when I had a hard drive failure on my machine. Luckily, I use an old computer to host my blog site and do weekly backups to it and as my drive started acting up, I was able to copy the book to my old computer with the current changes, and only lost a page. (I’ll try to spare you most of the gory geek details of this mess!)

I wrote a lot in the subsequent days and then I had my boot drive on the same machine – my ‘new’ computer – die last night. (The odds of this happening are astronomical, frankly). I had to finish things up on my old backup computer this morning. I’ve lost a lot of things I’m not sure I can get back… tens of thousands of personal and book related bookmarks and images for example (limited space means I only backed up certain things). I hope I can get them back, but am grateful that my books (especially this last one), are okay. =\ That’s something, anyway.

So there are a few reasons I haven’t posted about or released the book. Number one is because of these computer problems and the second is because the book is over 96,000 words and took longer to finish than my last post indicated. (I had estimated then that the book would be about 77,000). The count will change slightly as I go through the editing pass this weekend, but not significantly. When I thought about the book I decided I wanted to move some things around and add more detail to Lily & Stuart’s trip to Taos to see her mother. The cost of the book will remain the same however.

I’m really in the home stretch now – I’ll edit this weekend and finish the book cover and I’m shooting for Wednesday to release it to Lulu and Amazon. I’ll post links here as soon as I have them.

Thank you!




Update – 15 August 2013

Readers! Have patience! I am about… 2000 words shy of finishing the first draft (At 74,000+ now)! This week it’s seemed as if the universe is conspiring to delay things but… I am very, very close! Liliana and Stuart are visiting with her mom – it’s an explosive and insightful trip.

Please have patience! 😎

Thank you!



“Banish the Darkness” (Book #4) – Latest News.

Last week I promised an update. Here it is. =)

This past weekend wasn’t that productive because I got talked into going to the Seattle Erotic Art festival. I was a bit reluctant at first but overall I’m glad I went (although it meant that my planned 4 hour marathon writing sessions had to be nixed). Friday night a man who collects old 16mm films presented a selection of old short ‘Stag’ films, interspersed with old public service messages.