The Void Chronicles – Lucas or Tristan?

If you’ve read the ‘The Void Chronicles’, I’m curious who you prefer – Lucas or Tristan – and why. Please leave a comment and explain. =)

Do you think Julianna is a better match for Tristan or  maybe Lucas? Was she too hard on Tristan when it came to what happened with Reena? Can you relate at all to Julianna having feelings for both men?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “The Void Chronicles – Lucas or Tristan?”

    1. Not soon enough. 😉 Thanks for visiting Debbie! It’s been a bit of a crazy start to the new year, I think things should normalize soon and then I’ll have more long stretches of time to write. I’m pretty far into it, (over 30 chapters), so it will be a big read!

      All the best,

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