Goodreads AMA!

Hello everyone! I hope the month of May has been good for you so far.

I created an ‘Ask Me Anything’ page on Goodreads here; if you’re not familiar with ‘Ask Me Anything’ threads (reddit has them a lot), it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about literally anything. I’ve had one question so far about how I write and asking for tips, and I’ve posted a response. It’s your chance to have a dialogue with other readers and me about a whole range of topics – sort of a ‘getting to know you’ arrangement and perhaps have an opportunity to meet other interesting people.

Signing up for Goodreads is easy and it’s a neat way to network with other book lovers; you can be as open (or private), as you want, join groups that has members with common interests, rate books and write reviews, even participate in giveaways. A lot of authors have a presence on Goodreads, and one of the reasons I like it is that it spans platforms – so whether you read a physical book or use an iPad, Nook, Kindle or PC reader, you can share and network.

Hope you’ll take the time to pop on by, say hi and post a question!

I broke my toe last weekend whilst playing with one of my cats and my first thought was ‘thank God it wasn’t a finger!’. With days being longer and, (hopefully), a lot of the busy-ness in my life taken care of, I’m planning the cover for the second book in my ‘Void Chronicles’ series and brushing up on Lily and Stuart history and moving forward with their story. I hope to have book five in the Liliana Batchelor series done within a month and “Rise of the Necromancers” published by then, too (it seems as if I’ve been editing it forever!).

I’m working on a series of posts about topics from my books – if you have anything you’d like me to address email me: holly(at) or put it in the comments section of this post.

In the meantime, take care, and I’ll post soon!

Warm regards,