Writing Status

Hope everyone is well, and you enjoyed the 5th book in Lily/Stuart’s story. I’ve been busy, even though you might not have seen anything telling you what’s going on!

I recently completed an editing project for another author, and I’ve been looking into new options for my webpage, (along with trying to tamp down on my spam problems!). My goal is to freshen up the look of this page and make it easier to navigate, and on the spam front and website attack, for the time being those appear to be under control, (does anyone have spare wood to knock on? I hope it stays that way!).

I am working on a new standalone book, and shortly I’ll be announcing the rollout, which I will be doing a little differently. I’ll announce the title, genre/summary, etc and do my best to set and stick to a release date, (as closely as I can, considering how various channels require a little more lead time to roll out). I’ve also been researching blog tours, and hope to sign on for one soon, and then I’ll be resuming with my two other series, ‘The Void Chronicles’ and ‘Sine Qua Non Cycle’. I also have other ideas I’m working on developing, and will follow the same format – tease, book announcement, cover reveal, etc.

I’ve given an interview to Jeri’s Book Attic to be published soon, and when it goes live I’ll link to it here. =)

Thanks for your patience and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to make contact with me through my gmail address: hollyblackstone.author (AT) gmail (dot) com, or post here in the comments section.

Warmest wishes,