Goodreads Giveaway!

I’m giving away four hardcover copies of my first book, “An Accidental Affair” through Goodreads, in anticipation of the release of the final book!

Pending Goodreads approval, the giveaway will run for a week, starting to-morrow; there is a widget in the right sidebar that will take you to the contest when it is approved. =) I will be inscribing each book with a personal message, so if you are interested, head over there and take a look at the giveaway!

Warm wishes,



First Draft – Done!

Thank you patient and lovely ladies! I put my mom’s house on the market this week and just seconds ago – immediately before I navigated to this page to create this post – finished the first draft of “Step in to the Light”.

It’s long, at 108,748 words, and it will shrink or grow slightly depending on the edit. But it is done and aside from my cats, you are the first to know. =)

I will edit it, and finish the cover as soon as possible. The wait it almost over!

Thank you SO much for your patience and understanding!