“Blood & Frost” – Delayed to November!

I pushed it off as long as I could, but I’ve decided to delay “Blood & Frost” by a few weeks. I decided to add a little more backstory, and that requires a small rewrite in a few areas, and I want to ship a good product. I really don’t want to rush it out and fix it later; I want to deliver a novel that has the continuity and polish people expect and deserve.
I’ve decided to delay it out just to November 11th. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll post more news and teasers soon!



Blood & Frost – Details!

Here’s a little teaser for “Blood & Frost”, coming out later this month!


Life is funny – people say ‘one door doesn’t close unless another one opens’. I’m too practical for metaphysical ruminations; I like concrete things, things I can observe and measure, and I don’t believe in fate.

Correction – I DIDN’T believe in Fate.

How is it you can go through life and not realise you need something desperately and then suddenly wake up to find out it’s vital to your existence?

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I wasn’t happy but I had made peace with my life, or thought I had. It wasn’t perfect, in fact it was a bit of a mess, but it was MY mess. I had a decent job, met interesting people, was starting to make pretty good money, enough money to think about asserting my autonomy once more. Then I took a trip to northern Scotland in the middle of winter to meet a client and it changed everything.

HE changed everything. He showed me the shuttered parts of my soul, shone light on my dark, hidden desires and ignited something in me that is terrifying. Even now, there is part of me that he holds captive that no amount of distance or time will ever make free.

My name is Lucretia Davison, and this is my journey.