eFestival of Words Voting Now Open!

There are a lot of sites on the web that host contests and one of them is the ‘eFestival of Words’. The neat thing about them is they focus on small, independent eBook publishers. If the title is published solely in a print version it isn’t eligible, but those published for ebooks and print or only as ebooks are eligible.

Books are nominated and once the submission period closes, the nominees are announced and voting begins! People who are involved in publishing and books – either as a librarian, self-published author or those who publish Reviews (as part of a blogsite, say, and not as an Amazon reviewer), can nominate books.

It’s a good mechanism for those who like ebooks to nominate authors, and it is nice in the sense that it can avoid some of the populist wave that seems to overtake open sites (like Goodreads). It is an Indie focus, which I like; if you look at Goodreads (which on the whole is a decent site), it’s not a surprise to see what gets nominated in the erotica categories – they’re often big(ger) name books like ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Bared to You’. Not much room for the independent author to elbow in there.

If there’s a book

“A World Away” on iBookstore, and Lily & Stuart!

Hi everyone. =) Sorry I haven’t been posting much. Work is still busy, and I’m trying to dig out of being sick for nearly two weeks!

First off, “A World Away”, book one in The Void Chronicles, is not available on iBookstore here. Hooray!

Second … although I was sick and didn’t write as much as I would have liked over Christmas, I did get some writing in and wrote about six thousand words.