Step In To the Light

A few things –

I accepted an offer on my mom’s house, and I should close within the next 10 days as long as there are no more hiccups – I already had to have a fumigator for an active termite infestation in her garage! The only remaining item is a survey, which should be completed by the end of the week, then the final paperwork, etc. Things should get much more clear for me soon!

Second, I am almost done with my editing pass; I have changed a few things, and may take a quick read through when this one is done – I’ll know more when I make it through a particularly intense bit for Lily near the end! If I feel I’ve changed a lot, I’ll give it another, much quicker pass – I know you are all impatient, and I appreciate your forbearance.

Third – I will be putting the book up for sale on Amazon for 48 hours at a reduced price; I wish I could offer it through all vendors at a discounted price, but there is a lag time for when it gets disbursed to nook and iBookstore, so I have little control over something like a limited time offer. It can take anywhere from seven days to two weeks for my book to be posted, and any changes after publication could take a few days to weeks. With Amazon, I see changes reflected within 12 hours tops, so it is much easier to control something like a discount period. I will post on this blogsite when I submit my book to Amazon, so you can take advantage of the promotional price.

I am not endorsing Amazon over any other product, (I have both a nook and a Kindle), and it’s solely a function of how Amazon publishes, as opposed to how I distribute elsewhere. On the plus side, Amazon has a CloudReader that allows you to read a book on your PC or other device, so you don’t need a Kindle.

Last but not least, this Saturday marks one year since my mom died. I hope her struggle and death has taught me to reach out to people more, try to confront even unpleasant things more diligently, and be open to new opportunities and situations. This past year, I’ve reconnected with people I’ve lost contact with, and tried to clear away some of my own debris.

Update! (again!)

Wanted to post an update on progress…

So I have the cover done, but am still editing the book, partly because selling my mom’s house has heated up. I finally got an offer that I was okay with, (offer, counter, offer), so things have accelerated. I had some paperwork being processed, (the original declaration misspelled my name and I had to get it fixed!), so now that has all taken on new urgency, and there should be an inspection within a few days and closing by the end of the month if the inspection goes smoothly! So… good news, but crazy! I can finally finish taking care of the lingering bills and final estate matters. I’ve never sold a house before; this is definitely a learning process.

So I am sorry that things are dragging out, and will do my best to continue to make progress whilst it all unfolds! Thank you so, so much for your patience!

Much love,



How You Can Help Me…

Hi all!

Thanks for participating in my first book giveaway; I hope it will be one of many to come. I was stunned by the number of entries, (over 600!). Congratulations to the recipients; sorry I didn’t have more to give away at the time!

You can help me a little, and if you’re interested, read on! =) I’m ramping up for the release of book five – working on the last two covers, editing, researching marketing options… and here is where you can help! For the first time, I’ve purchased advertising for the series, (*gulp!*), and apparently the number of reviews a book has influences people’s decisions whether to buy or not. So… if you haven’t already reviewed my book, (particularly on Amazon), please, PLEASE take a moment to do so! If you purchased it through other channels, consider reviewing it there, or popping over to Amazon – you only need an account to review the book.

I’m including the links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads – thanks in advance for your assistance!

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