Bonus! Chapter 2 of Book 3 – “The Air I Breathe”

Since I said I thought I would be done this week but book three is still in work (although I finally took cover shots to-day), I’ve decided to post chapter 2 of book three, which is entitled, “The Air I Breathe”.

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Chapter 2

Lily hoists her overnight bag onto her shoulder and picks up her rucksack. Tom kisses her while Mona waits nearby for her turn.

When Tom walks back into the house, Mona pulls Lily close and whispers in her ear.

Book 3, Chapter 1 – AS PROMISED!

Thank you to Sally, who was the first reader to have their review published, and thank you SO much for the great star rating and kind words! I still don’t know what happened to the comments that several others of you have mentioned you left, but I am grateful for the effort nonetheless.

So, as promised, here is Chapter 1 of the 3rd book in the Liliana Batchelor series. There may be a few minor edits or corrections, but at least it is something to get you started. I hope you enjoy it, and THANK YOU. The support, comments and interest in my stories has been both humbling and gratifying.

The rights to this excerpt are reserved by me; please do not replicate or use without express permission. Thanks you and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Lily hits the garage remote and watches numbly as the door slides down behind her. It hits the concrete pad with a resounding clack that makes it seem as if the entrance to a tomb has just shut.

With leaden limbs she exits the car and all her movements seem exaggerated and heavy. She pops the trunk on her four year old black Acura and stumbles to retrieve her suitcase.

She knows she forgot things at Stuart

General Update

Thanks for stopping by and checking in, readers!

I’ve been busy editing book three and made a few changes near the end, so I will need to go back and do a re-read and make sure it all flows well. Stuart and Liliana have an intense scene near the end of the book, and I wanted to make sure it was just so. As a result, I probably won’t be assembling cover art and generating the epub until next week at the earliest. Will keep you posted.

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Lily and Stuart seem to have developed a little bit of a following Down Under! Thank you to all my wonderful readers from Australia, several of whom have posted on this site. I’m interested to hear how you found out about my book, so if you’re so inclined please feel free to post a comment about that.

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Book Three Update!!!

Thank you to the many readers who have come by and checked in to find out when book three will be available.

I am in the process of editing it now and working on the cover. As much as I am pleased by the interest in Lily and Stuart’s story and excited to get the book out, I want to be sure I don’t cut corners and that what I give you for your hard earned dollars (or pounds or whatever! =) ), is worth it – that it is a finished book and polished to high standards.

As a thank you for all the interest, I will offer you a deal; the first time I see a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, I will post here, at my website, Chapter 1 of book three! A little incentive for me to work hard and make the book great, and a little incentive for my readers to review my books! I know writing a review takes time and isn’t as fun as reading good erotica, but it makes a big difference, especially to new writers. It is VERY easy to get lost in the flood of books available online; reviews and the interest they generate make a HUGE difference!

Thank you again, and check back periodically to see if there is any news or a new blog!

Best regards and happy reading! Hope all your dreams come true.