Book Three Update!!!

Thank you to the many readers who have come by and checked in to find out when book three will be available.

I am in the process of editing it now and working on the cover. As much as I am pleased by the interest in Lily and Stuart’s story and excited to get the book out, I want to be sure I don’t cut corners and that what I give you for your hard earned dollars (or pounds or whatever! =) ), is worth it – that it is a finished book and polished to high standards.

As a thank you for all the interest, I will offer you a deal; the first time I see a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, I will post here, at my website, Chapter 1 of book three! A little incentive for me to work hard and make the book great, and a little incentive for my readers to review my books! I know writing a review takes time and isn’t as fun as reading good erotica, but it makes a big difference, especially to new writers. It is VERY easy to get lost in the flood of books available online; reviews and the interest they generate make a HUGE difference!

Thank you again, and check back periodically to see if there is any news or a new blog!

Best regards and happy reading! Hope all your dreams come true.



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