So I really dislike my website design.

Although WordPress has a lot of ‘free’ templates, it’s tedious to troll through them. Many don’t offer a lot of customisation unless you purchase them, and I would really like to know that I can customise it the way I want to before I needlessly spend money on a theme only to have to switch to another.

I’ve been trying to find a web designers, with little luck. I don’t know HTML; when I I had a Moveable Type site ages ago I was able to figure out how to change things after a spell, but then they had several updates I didn’t like and I moved to WordPress after having it recommended by other people and seeing it used by blogs I like.

I don’t really want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out pretty web design; I’d prefer to write. So if you come around and see a bunch of change on the site it’s probably me just dinking around trying to make it prettier. =)

2 thoughts on “Website”

  1. For a rather basic site like yours, (blogposts, not a lot of pages, not a lot of photography), I wouldn’t stress too much about the design. It looks fine. Could it look fancier or better? Sure. But the important part is that people read what you write.

    If you do want to change your site, there are plenty of free wordpress templates. Unless you are trying to attract a publisher or sell stuff on your site, I wouldn’t bother paying a designer.

    If you do, I suggest you look through websites of authors you like, and try to see what template they are using.

    Best of luck.

    1. Thanks for the support, Adam! There are a fair number of wordpress templates, but I’m finding it difficult to find one the suits my needs. Many have some customization locked unless you buy the expanded template and since I’m not sure that I will like the purchased template, I’m loath to drop money on a it.

      Unfortunately I don’t follow too many writers in my genre, and the ones I do have custom sites. =|

      Selling stuff on my site would be cool, but I don’t think I’m there yet. 😉

      Thanks again for the suggestions!

      All the best,

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