Liliana Batchelor Series & Editing; Upcoming Compendium

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by. I am currently editing Lily’s story into a compendium, and over the years I’ve received a few comments about how some of the books, especially book 1, seem to have odd formatting that goes beyond the unusual or archaic spelling or formatting I sometimes use, (particularly on the Kindle). One reader was even so kind as to provide me with approximate locations of some of these things, (including multiple dashes, words hyphenated inappropriately, like ‘balk-s’, etc), but using Amazon’s emulators I hadn’t been able to approximate the behaviour.

I *think* I may have found the culprit. I realised I didn’t have all of the formatting notations turned on, and in several of the problematic places, extra ‘en’ and ’em’ spaces seem to have been inserted – possibly when I copied the original document into a formatted template I created. I am currently re-editing the series, removing things like , ‘to-day’ which people feel is too archaic, and fixing the extra inserted formatting. I hope this will solve some of not all of these problems, and will re-release book one with the fixes as soon as I am finished. I will post here when it goes live with the new changes.

If you want to download the new version when I am done, just delete the book from the library on your device, browse to it again on the Kindle store and re-download it.

Sorry for all this, but I HOPE this effort will leaving your reading experience cleaner and better!



4 thoughts on “Liliana Batchelor Series & Editing; Upcoming Compendium”

  1. I just finished reading the first in the series for Liliana and I was blown away by how great the storyline was. Can’t wait to read the rest. You are officially my new favourite authour.

  2. Hi Holly, i was on holiday recently and decided to get a few books to read and one of the books i downloaded was the accidental affair, after which i was hooked by the characters and storyline, that i had to get the entire series. Thank you for an amazing story.

    Have you ever thought of turning into a movie?

    1. Hi Christine! Glad you liked the series! =)

      First off, apologies for taking so long to reply. I was sick with a bad sinus infection for 6 weeks, and after that it was a rush to try and catch up on life and work, and I’m afraid I neglected my blog!

      It would be awesome if it was turned into a movie; I think it would translate pretty well. I really enjoy writing about women who discover this connexion with someone, and feel free to explore their sexuality and grow. I love Lily, I think she is a really neat character, and Stuart, with his few flaws, is a good foil for her.

      I have little experience writing screenplays. I actually have several ideas for screenplays, (not all related to my books, but other things I am interested in), but that is a whole other world I need to learn to navigate then. Perhaps after I finish this next book, I’ll take a cursory glance at it. =)

      Thanks for stopping by, and appreciate you taking the time to comment too! Hearing from readers really makes my day, I love the outreach!

      Warm regards,

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