Rise of the Necromancers: The Void Chronicles 2 now on Lulu!

Finally, it’s done! Book two of The Void Chronicles is now for sale on Lulu and should be available at Amazon in about five to six hours; it will take about one to two weeks for it to appear on iBookstore and nook. I’ve been switching between writing Lily and Stuart’s latest installment and editing this book and doing the cover; I’ve had the draft finished for a little while, just waiting final review; it has just taken time to get it all sorted out, and now I can focus the remainder of my attention on Lily and Stuart. I recently re-read “Banish the Darkness” and found a few typos and will hopefully update it soon, but it had the effect of making me fall in love with their story all over again. =)

I hope you will consider trying out book one in this series, “A World Away”; it lays the groundwork for what I think is an interesting story, and book two has several twists and reveals that I think gives the tale even more depth.

rise of the necromancers-final

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to make contact with me at: holly (at) hollyblackstone.com. =)

Warm wishes!


9:36 PM – Rise of the Necromancers is live on Amazon!

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